July 25, 2016

Startup Egypt


Egypt Ecosystem



Egypt’s first and largest entrepreneurs network






(specialized in green tech innovation)



Tech startup accelerator in Cairo, Egypt. Teams working on a startup can apply to join us for six months, during which we’ll tailor an intensive technical and business development program to fit your needs, provide office space, access to experts and events of all sorts – with the right people involved – in order to build successful businesses that can take off regionally or globally


Misr El Kheir Foundation’s


GESR initiative


Nahdet El Mahrousa

(specialized in social enterprise)



Pre Funding Shekra works with entrepreneurs on various areas depending on the phase of their startup



(specialized in food, renewable energy and water)


TIEC (Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center)


Venture Lab at the American University in Cairo

(specialized in technology and innovations)


The Greek Campus

(specialized in technology)


Cairo Hackerspace

Cairo Hackerspace function as centers for peer learning and knowledge sharing, in the form of workshops, presentations, and lectures. Also offer social activities for their members, such as game nights and parties. Typically provide space for members to work on their individual projects, or to collaborate on group projects with other members.


District Egypt

District is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs supporting change-making business enterprises with the right people, substantial knowledge in spaces of inspiration.


Ice Cairo

icecairo is a Social Enterprise, and part of the international icehubsnetwork, that started with iceaddis in Ethiopia and icebauhaus in Germany. icecairo is a community-powered green tech innovation hub. We work together to solve environmental and social challenges using the brilliance of the icecairo community, and to turn these challenges in to green businesses.


Fab Lab Egypt

Fab Lab Egypt is an open community-run makerspace and digital fabrication facility where everyone can get together to build projects and Share knowledge.


Alexandria Hackerspace

An important goal of hackerspaces.org is to increase communication and collaboration between hackerspaces, so bigger projects like hackerspace-festivals and support of fledgling hackerspaces become feasible.


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