July 25, 2016

Startup Ghana


Ghana Ecosystem


The mFriday Lab combines teams of talented ICT developers, faculty members, and business school students from the public and private universities to identify challenges and opportunities, create appropriate projects, and launch successful companies for economic growth and sustainable jobs in Ghana.


Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) [Incubator]

The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) and the MEST Incubator program provide training, investment and mentoring for aspiring technology entrepreneurs with the goal of creating globally successful companies that create wealth and jobs locally in Africa.


gSpace : Google will bring together students, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers and journalists at its annual G-Ghana event in Accra on the 19th and 20th of March. G-Ghana is an annual Google event which engages Ghanaian business and developers to highlight entrepreneurial opportunities presented by the internet.


iSpace : iSpace is an expansion of a successful initiative that offers startups with a dedicated co-working space, community gathering point and network for driving entrepreneurial success. iSpace is a non-profit organisation, funded by membership fees and sponsor partners.


Ghana Multimedia Incubator Gvt Centre : The Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre established in 2005 is to promote ICT Entrepreneurship Development through the incubation of ICT business start-ups and to also develop the much needed ICT skills under the government’s ICT for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) initiative.


Mobile Web Ghana : Mobile Web Ghana is an NGO set up to train entrepreneurs in Ghana to develop mobile phone applications which would be relevant to the Ghanaian context / market


Kumasi Business Incubator : The concept of the Kumasi Business Incubator (KBI) is to initially assist up to twenty-five (25) selected final year students of KNUST to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. The KNUST in collaboration with NBSSI is establishing the Incubator Centre to assist final year students who have innovative business ideas to perfect these ideas into real businesses and to assist tenants to integrate their businesses into the real business world.  Most importantly, the incubator seeks to reduce the failure rate of early-stage companies.


Oguaa Business Incubator

Oguaa Business Incubator is located in Cape Coast, and address is at Former GNTC


Hub Accra

To support inclusive growth in Ghana through the creation of a resilient and dynamic social innovation ecosystem by developing programs, providing workspace, access to capital and connecting entrepreneurs focused on creating sustainable solutions to regional challenges in employment, financial inclusion, agriculture, health and education.

The Startup Network

The Start-Up Network, connects budding entrepreneurs and startups to resources, initiatives, investors and opportunities in and around Africa. Working with, recognizing and celebrating the work and contributions of various startup stakeholders throughout the year.


Ghana Startup Cup

StartUp Cup unleashes local innovation to drive global prosperity.

Providing end-to-end solutions for accelerating entrepreneurial ventures, creating jobs and building local and regional entrepreneurship ecosystems.


Oasis Websoft

Oasis  Websoft was founded in July 11, 2011 by Raindolf Owusu an open source software developer. Our mission is to create advanced software by providing superior solutions for web applications, web sites and enterprise software. We are committed to building infrastructure that will ensure that the West African sub-region is not left behind in the continuous evolution of information technology.

We are Africa’s leading innovative company and we aim to enhance the way African’s live, work, and learn by building web , software and mobile solutions to solve key problems in the modern African society. Our most recent innovations include BISA , Ebola Ghana Alert, Anansipedia and Dr Diabetes. We continuously monitor and evaluate emerging technologies in order for us to give back to the society.


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