July 25, 2016

Startup Uganda


Uganda Ecosystem

HIVE colab

Hive Colab is an innovation and incubation hub, a collaborative co-working space for Uganda’s business and tech community. The first Tech Hub in Uganda collaborating with academia and private sector to inspire this and the next generation of Ugandan Technologists to build and develop apps, guiding youth into creativity and innovation to produce quality and world class technology!



@The HUB Kampala is a collaboration space for creative, like-minded enterprising people. This unique workspace offers daily, weekly and monthly work and meeting space for freelancers, independent consultants, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, journalists.

@The Hub, much like an incubator or think-tank, will give people the resources, community, and visibility to take their business to the next level. Please note that we are friends with the global Hub community, but have not joined their network yet.


Outbox Hub

Helping new and upcoming African entrepreneurs interested in using technology to build high growth companies with workspace, mentorship, and training programs. Through our partnerships, we help them raise money for their ventures and access markets. We also work with students, developers, researchers and organizations to build inclusive communities that entrepreneurs can tap into for talent and collaboration.


Grameen Foundation AppLab

Grameen Foundation launched its mobile technology work in Uganda in 2002 with Village Phone and it remains a hub for many of our mobile-based initiatives. Our Community Knowledge Worker initiative combines mobile technology and human networks to give smallholder farmers access to accurate, timely information that helps them protect their crops and animals, improve their yields and get better market prices. Through our AppLab Incubator and Mobile Financial Services Accelerator initiatives we are testing and scaling next-generation products and services tailored for the poor and building a platform to deliver the most viable offerings.



Mara Launchpad

The ‘Mara Foundation’ is a seed funded social enterprise that was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Ashish J. Thakkar, founder of the ‘Mara Group’. His entrepreneurial journey began at age 15 from which he has since built up the Mara Group: a conglomerate, spanning across the African continent and a number of industries, from ‘Financial Services to Technology’.

The Foundation incorporates three key integral platforms, maintaining a set focus on developing an SME eco system to support entrepreneurs with a particular focus on youth and women entrepreneurs in line with the founder’s vision to create change for a sustainable future. The Mara Foundation’s aim is to address this challenge by developing an ecosystem. Ashish’s meticulous passages as an entrepreneur in Africa has subsequently proliferated his desire to develop such an ecosystem to create impact and drive change for a sustainable future for the youth and women of today.


Women in Technology Uganda 

Women in Technology Uganda a non-profit founded and  registered in Uganda in 2012,  aims at Empowering, Inspiring and Training the next generation of Uganda female leaders, business women and technologists.  Our holistic theory of change looks at a girl or young woman’s life in a 360 angle, looking at Personal development, Leadership,Life skill, Health, Business skilling and job linkages or smart loans.   In the long run, this creates a community of exemplary women ready to taken on careers in technological fields us reducing the gender gap and  business women creating strong and growing SMEs. WITU has established itself as an environment to inspire, train, mentor and share ideas for all budding women in technology in order to realize the vision.



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