July 25, 2016

Startup Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Ecosystem:

Sky Hub Initiative

Muzinda Umuzi Hub

Muzinda Hub

Tech Zim 

Techzim is a news blog focusing on covering information technology news, views and reviews about products/services in Zimbabwe and the surrounding region. We have a leaning towards connectivity and ICT startups, which sees us write lots of stuff about the Internet, mobile and the startups using these platforms.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe 

StartupBiz Zimbabwe helps you to start and grow your business in Zimbabwe. We provide business ideas, business plans, tips, and resources to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. Our goal is to help you launch and run your business successfully in Zimbabwe.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe also conducts interviews with businesses and entrepreneurs from around Zimbabwe. If you want to have your business featured on StartupBiz Zimbabwe website, send us an email on feature@startupbiz.co.zw or use the contact form below. We will interview you, and it is entirely free to take part. We want to showcase a large number of businesses from different industries. So if you are an entrepreneur, and have a business, whether 1 employee or 1000 employees, get in touch with us!


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